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10 Minority Composers Whose Music Should Be Heard More

Since we don't hear enough of these artists, here is an opportunity to take some time and enjoy their music.

I was reading this article recently and I begin to think…

Who is on my list of minority classical artists that deserved to be heard more often?

The Guardian listed 10 black composers who, in their opinion, deserved to be heard more:

  • Joseph Boulogne

  • George Bridgewater

  • Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

  • Harry Lawrence Freeman

  • Maurice Arnold Strothotte

  • Will Marion Cook

  • Scott Joplin

  • William Grant Still

  • Florence B. Price

  • George Walker

Not a bad list, right? Sure, if you only count non-living composers! I mean, composers don't have to be dead to be appreciated, do they???

Of course not! So in response, here is my list of ten living composers that I think deserve to be heard more.

  • Adolphus Hailstork

  • Michael Abels

  • Nkeiru Okoye

  • Anthony Davis

  • H. Leslie Adams

  • Pamela Z

  • Jeffrey Mumford

  • Dorothy Rudd Moore

  • Valerie Coleman

  • Sydney Guillaume

The wrap up

So, this is my list of living minority composers who should be heard in concert halls more often.

While some, like Sydney Guillaume are known for their choral music, and others, like Pamela Z are known for experimental electronic music, every composer here is skilled in the art of music composition and all are masters of their craft.

But there are so many more. Who do you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments section below...


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