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Autistic Composers Database

Welcome to the Autistic Composers Database. This database is a listing of composers, songwriters, and music creators who are on the autism spectrum. We don't differentiate between people who are self diagnosed and those who have been professionally diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Further, we don't require proof of diagnosis. Everyone who has registered with the database identifies with the autistic community regardless of the source of their diagnosis. 


If you would like to be listed in the database, please fill out the registration form here: If you are currently in the database and your information is incorrect, please send an email to and we will promptly make the correction. If you would like to be removed from the database for any reason, please send an email to and we will promptly remove you from the database.* 

Useful tips: Click on the heading (i.e., "Last Name") to sort listings alphabetically or numerically, and use the search bar to filter information.

*We reserve the right to edit any information in the database, remove anyone or any information from the database, or discontinue the database, solely at our discretion. 

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